Delhi Politics: Majboori ka naam Kiran Bedi? by Aseem Prakash

Thanks to Nitin Gadhkari’s tweet (which he subsequently disowned) the BJP is seriously considering Bedi as its CM candidate. Bedi has openly expressed her interest in the job.

Politics is a strange animal. Bedi was in the forefront of bashing the BJP and the Congress at the Ram Lila Maidan show of Anna Hazare. She bordered on being obnoxious. Then Kejriwal outsmarted her and Anna, and took over the anti-corruption andolan. I was surprised that Kejri and Bedi, two prima donnas with inflated egos, managed to share platform even for a short time.

BJP is desperate in Delhi. I thought HarshVaradhan would have been a splendid candidate for the position of CM. For some strange reason, he was made to contest LS elections. He won and now has a cabinet position. It is good to see that decent and competent individuals can still do well in Indian politics.

Who are the other CM aspirants? Vijay Goel? Vijendra Gupta? Jagdish Mukhi? Clearly there is no one who has the charisma to match Kejriwal (down but not out; don’t under estimate him). I was hoping that the BJP would put Smriti Irani in charge of Delhi. After all, she has contested LS election from Delhi in the past. But Irani has been included in Modi’s cabinet.

So, the BJP is stuck. While Bedi is nobody’s favorite, they need a charismatic leader who can take on Kejriwal. I suppose Majboori ka naam Kiran Bedi!

2 comments on “Delhi Politics: Majboori ka naam Kiran Bedi? by Aseem Prakash

  1. Kirit Patel says:

    Delhi is not Mumbai, where CM has more political power and economic power than union minister. I agree once Harsh Vardhan had cabinet portfolio, he will not be interested in returning to Delhi assembly.

    Smirti Irani would be good with media, campaign, and public relation but will not match Kejriwal’s policy analysis, development expertise, and connection with aam admi in urban landscape. AAP got good share of votes in Delhi LS election, and now Modi will not campaign directly for assembly election, Kejriwal has good chance to come back. The recent defeat of AAP may help in weeding out some opportunists who jumped on the ship!

  2. says:

    I’m curious. What serious policy analysis has Kejriwal offered to date?

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